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priscilla not on drop russia says the case of another covered cia agent whose mission in moscow was to persuade security officers to defect has dealt a blow to mutual trust between the countries. also shock and confusion obvious to say good for us all to reporters for the news service finding themselves targeted animosity u.s. government surveillance operation. president putin says he's against any options that could worsen the civil war in syria and that morning comes as israel's prime minister visits russia off to his country beyond science near damascus this. hearing to show a syrian rebel biting the haunting the dead soldier holds human rights more shipping damage humane odds and revenge killings in the country's several.
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this is ossie coming to you live from moscow hello and welcome to the program to wayne's a mob on the stench of money to you are russian agents to defect the federal security service says it's called a cia spy on a recruitment mission boston has been delving into the scandal. russia's foreign ministry says that ryan fogle has been declared persona non grata that he will have to leave russia and that such a discovery makes positive relations between russia and the u.s. more difficult according to the f.s.b. one of russia's security agencies ryan fogle is not in fact the third politically
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at the u.s. embassy in moscow he is in fact according to the f.s.b. a cia agent they claim that they caught him in the act of trying to recruit a russian special service agent they say a counterterrorism agent working in the north caucuses to work for the cia there if so applied r.t. with video showing what they say is the astonishment of one of the unnamed f.s.b. officers after round fogel's detention. but first was shocked that something like that could happen the f.s.b. has been actively cooperating with the u.s. working on intercepting threats to its national security the f.b.i. chief has also visited moscow recently while barack obama and vladimir putin have reached an agreement that the country's secret services should work together and with all that in the background this u.s. diplomat has committed a major state crime against russia do you have any questions regarding what's being
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demonstrated you would know it must be said we do not know if ryan fogle was given the opportunity to answer to that question directed to him by the f.s.b. f.s.b. of also released footage saying what they show is articles technical equipment and other things found. as part of this to tension among them written instructions to the agent that he was trying to co-opt also a large amount of money in cash and beyond that perhaps a little more strangely to wigs that they say he used to try and disguise his appearance also a man. of moscow and a compass the u.s. ambassador in moscow has been summoned over the incident however it is not the first spying case spying scandal that there's been in recent years between the u.s. and russia in october two thousand and twelve seven men were charged in the u.s.
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for illegally smuggling high tech components just in for the russian army in october two thousand and eleven a couple in germany were put on trial for trying to spy for russia and in june two thousand and ten and the chapman was one of ten arrested in the u.s. as part of a russian spy ring. after one hundred journalists and editors said they're so sick that press have been targeted in a massive u.s. government spy operation against the news servers a.p. is calling this surveillance network created by the justice department itself and precedented in size and scope and a gross violation of privacy is again a trick and has been tracking the investigation for us. and secretly obtained two months of telephone records targeting a.p. reporters and editors work and personal phone numbers if you believe more than one hundred of its journalists may have been caught up in this surveillance week the
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boss called it a massive and unprecedented intrusion into how news organizations operate the justice department acknowledged having spied on a.p. journalists but would not say why it sought the records they cited an ongoing investigation a peace process and said the government stalked and obtained information far beyond anything that could be justified by any specific investigation now the guess is that the investigation had to do with a piece reporting on a cia operation in yemen last year and the government's possible hunt for leaks the administration's unprecedented leaks has had an enormous chilling effect on investigative journalism a number of journalists with major news organizations here told me that isn't it's never been as hard for them to do their job as it is now because sources that they had previously communicated with now either don't return their calls or say out front that they'd rather not talk they can go to jail the obama. has brought up more cases against whistleblowers than all previous presidents combined now as the news of emerged that the justice department has secretly cast this wife's
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a veil is that journalists looking for we still don't know what the white house says it knows nothing about this and refers to the justice department and the justice department having acknowledged the phone taps came up with what some saw as as an orwellian response they said that they value the freedom of the press in that they're seeking to strike the right balance between the public interest in the free flow of information and the public interest in the fair and effective administration of our criminal laws that's according to their statement well it's not clear what is behind dozens of a.p. jordan their store their sources have committed to be caught up in this kind of a surveillance sweep but this is sending a chilling effect far beyond the associated press to all drug. it's that their records can be intercepted and sifted through like this and also make some wish u.s. authorities had to use some of that surveillance bigger to keep an eye on someone like tom alonso naive the boston bomber after all those red flags well or could it
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be that you're in the start seen as more dangerous to national security these days and let's not talk more about this it's a state of press condo with christopher chime with professor of journalism georgetown university professor chambers great to see on else here as always so what do you think the u.s. government was trying to achieve by doing this well it's it's basically trying to achieve what united states ministrations of been doing throughout our history that is control the flow of information. especially when they perceive rightly or wrongly is their perception that they are somehow protecting the public from say terrorism or some external threat or perhaps some internal threat now the problem is that that. threat has not been articulated there's not been put out there as something that overrides this unprecedented
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intrusion into the press is freedom and i think that the attorney general has a lot to explain in a lot in the coming weeks otherwise this is just a further erosion of the trust that the people have in their government not only to protect them from outside threats from crime and from terrorism but to protect them from the government itself right so it's a very terrible thing but a closing to officials only in fun records like phone numbers call times were kept track of you know the conversations themselves so if the story being blown out blown out of proportion maybe. i don't think it's being blown out of proportion on the level where you are looking at intrusion into the press in the united states the press. you know basically has a shield with the first amendment to the constitution and intrusions into that shield have to the balance of that have to be overwhelming there has not been that
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showing and i see so that it's in and of itself is a very important and frightening violation now some of the other aspects to it in terms of the information well yes perhaps that part is being blown out of proportion because actual content has not been lifted that we know of yet but the act of intrusion in and of itself is unprecedented and it's an extension of some of the. intrusions into civil liberties that we saw after not the nine eleven terrorist attacks and the irony of this and the hypocrisy of this is the barack obama came into office decrying and and attacking the abuses of the bush administration and is now basically continued that and i think that is going to be a political rather than a legal problem for him and also the obama administration has been accused of expanding surveillance throughout the country so does this incident confound that
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tendency. i think it is a technical matter no i mean it is a technical legal matter no but as a political matter and as a matter in terms of the minds of the average american it definitely expands that notion and i think that you know he's going to have a problem not only with his political friends but now his enemies are are are really energized unfortunately though because a lot of them were supporting this kind of behavior when the president president bush was president bush's visit difficult however for them to attack him for that so really a lot of the pressure he's feeling are from his it is inside his own party and individuals who have some groups who have supported him in the past and are now abandoning him over this expansion of of government surveillance of every aspect of american life and communication all right christopher china professor at georgetown
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university thank you very much indeed for your time. thank you. presentation has powers to avoid any steps that could escalate the civil war in syria statement came after talks with israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu his visit to russia follows a series of his rate of strikes against syria well details now from. his following the talks and the blanks and the result of such. the leaders of both countries seem very united in the idea that any more violence in syria will lead not only to severe consequences in the country itself but in the entire region pledging not to rock the boat and to continue working together in the search for peace in the meantime the. shortly after air strikes in syria allegedly conducted by israel which haven't been officially admitted but it's a live hasn't officially rejected them either israel is really unsatisfied and
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critical of moscow for supplying the asked three hundred air defense systems to damascus under arms deals which were signed a few years back before the conflict in the country started but if the arms shipments are not violating any international agreements the same really can't be said about one state is striking another state soren territory most western countries have clearly taken the side of the opposition pretty much since the beginning of the conflict but now they're talking about the need for a joint conference which would include the rebels and so you know forty's what russia has been calling for throughout the entire time also stressing that not all these rebels are opposition areas many of them are bandits or even terrorists and this is constantly proven by linked in the web including the latest shocking video which clearly depicts a syrian rebel fighter cutting the heart of
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a dead syrian soldier out of his chest eating it on camera promising to do the same again and calling all the others to follow his example. journalists and political analysts for these are a newspaper ha'aretz says the best thing israel can do in series to stay out of the conflict. it's a very dedicated game a very dangerous game i'm not sure that israel knows what does she won't does she want us. regime to remain does she favors position it's not very clear i'm not sure that these are no rules and he any case i think that is where should not interfere it also can hardly interfere the only difference that i would expect is would be to like the other neighbors of syria to suggest some kind of humanitarian aid two thousand of. the victims of these
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civilian a war. and so the devastating conflicts in series something most people across the border in israel are eagerly awaiting but as always point to sneer reports now many in tel aviv believe that their government is actually intensifying the syrian civil war. it's a new offer and stand here so that they have to think not one or two like they have to think one hundred times a day you know what to do with guns armed men that have been given the green light to fire into israel retaliated by damascus for televisions attack last week israeli officials have still not gone on record admitting they carried out two airstrikes in forty eight hours but most people here are certain they did and damascus assertion of it it didn't mince its words calling israel's actions a declaration of war the criticism echoes in israel as well out citizens took to the streets to protest and while divided over the support of the side they are clear on one thing israel's actions are wrong jobber sol is
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a twenty four year old university student despite being some two hundred fifty kilometers from syria his heart is with its people. israel gives itself permission to attack other countries but does not accept any other country doing the same to whether this strike cannot be legitimate and israel should be judged in the international court. but far from being judged israeli support the actions of the government would be very frank i don't think that if we would have to do. for you we would've. remember even. i think. it's a very small element on a very long. problematic relations between israel and syria but it might just catch up with the israelis assad says he's borders are open for palestinians wishing to take military action against the jewish state
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a sure sign some say that tel aviv has shot itself in the foot. has lost. never had. under tactics no official israeli policy is to prevent. progs for of all most forms. i wonder if this is a logical policy i doubt it very much and some in israel fear the violence one stop at the border after they finish from killing this very we'll go head to haifa . and to do that. as what was once israel's most peaceful border threatens to become its newest battlefront policy r.t. television. a massive car blast tears through levy a second largest city which has seen a surge of violence in recent weeks ahead let's go why there's no sign of stability
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we're tending to the country almost to get out of the pool of kind of petaca that's after the break. down low give up location so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television on the boil it just doesn't matter about what your mobile device says you can watch your t.v. anytime anywhere. an issue free credit patient free storage three maintenance free. three stooges free. download free blogging video for your media project
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a free media oh god r t v dot com. hunger strike despair pushed to the limit. the would be one hundred guantanamo detainees are screaming for justice. where is the end for get. a life are most welcome bach setting people have been killed and dozens injured an accomplice to that ripped through a crowded street a neighbor's second largest city in galaxy this comes amid a frantic pull out of ford and the system from the country due to a recent spike in violence and dennis' a direction of the french center for intelligence studies believes this iteration is escalating out of control. gibeah is now
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a truck mounted on very dangerous country and no one could prove the situation. is a lot the logical result of what up to during the so-called revolution remember the traditional concept was and not to get ization we have a former member of the kill a few regime jedi east probably still develop rats monarchist so as soon as the two pole work they begin to divide and their lives into five each other so this is the logical result of those of the social revolution and i don't think any group will accept to give back into place the street goes where you lead yeah you understand that every try group serial child or family knows that we've got weapons they have no chance to survive in this period treat gate and violent and complex situation as libya is today this is aussie and later this hour i'll see sour five reports on a new project at the plant and mariette of rural england into the world wide web.
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we're going to be telling you how one local community is not unlike my playing flow internet speed by quite literally taking matters into their own hands. a russian soyuz capsule has safely delivered a three man crew back to earth from the international space station canadian commander chris hadfield a response from the orbit from orbit where their new found celebrity status having recorded the fast ever music clip in space which has gone viral on you tube attracting over six million hits and he's also posted a series of videos showing how everyday items behave in zero gravity on his own thomas knox. the crew of. zero seven am has returned to earth safely landing in kazakhstan at just after six thirty in the morning moscow time and this is an incredibly experienced crew with russian cosmonaut romana roman yank oh this is his second flight chris hadfield from canada this is his third spaceflight and thomas marshburn united states astronaut this is his
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second between them seven space flights with this incredibly experienced crew now it's always a great moment here at mission control when that capsule lands and they can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they have accomplished a mission and done something pretty special now on this particular mission just a couple of days ago showing that nothing is ever routine when it comes to space travel thomas marshburn had to do an emergency spacewalk to help fix what was detected a coolant leak at the international space station that was a last minute decision that they decided to send him out just days before the scheduled to depart the international space station chris hadfield from canada has actually in particular gotten a lot of media attention he is arguably the most savvy social media astronaut in the history of space travel having almost nine hundred thousand twitter followers now one of the things that he became known for is conducting
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experiments in space connecting to regular people one of the experiments was showing people what it's like to cry in space what happens to tears with no gravity i mean they can't fall down so he simulated the conditions in space and produced a dramatic video one other thing he produced a video of what happens when you bring out a wash towel in space and shows what happens to the water and all sorts of interesting things with the surface tension and where does the water go if it doesn't actually fall to the ground chris hadfield is also in the process or has just completed a recording of the first commercial album in spaces so these are some of the things that babe accomplished on this particular mission but as of now the crew t.m.a. zero seven am back on earth safely and everyone can know that a job was well done and mission accomplished. meanwhile back inside the earth's atmosphere a remote controlled drugs could soon become a reality and a prototype has made its first successful flight home that are not. lost
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a deadly new stars like virus first attack in saudi arabia is rapidly spreading around the world to get all the details that halted on. having an internet connection is crucial in a world where basic transactions are increasingly down the line the british government has announced that its citizens will be expected to use the web to manage their welfare payments a tough call for unconnected rural areas visited a one community in northern england that's preparing itself for the future by plugging itself in the rolling hills unveils of the english countryside what lancashire in the north of england has in secluded beauty it lacks in most income the. despite major provided bt reporting a feast in profits local communities like these haven't felt the benefit and have had to dig deep into their own pockets and land to try to get connected we have on
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camera a bt executive. power which is one of the. hard choice over in the distance that surveying the share yeah i'd say to just look at this force to see a full field i should say it is just no economically viable for them to come out the way least to connect up the three hundred fifty project called broadband to the rural north of bond the shoot might be in the early stages still but it could be set to make this quiet like cool setting a global internet hotspots they have a fading into the ground the five world think cable that provides the input that connected all of this has taken years and pascoe planning and as you can see behind me a lot of hard work when the ball and to vote for the best part about this is that once it's all up and running this area is going to how much of the internet connection
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then the u.k. average it's unlikely bt will be daunted by this local competition yet but the project is attracting high level attention. to government he's actually now seriously looking at can this be an example as i said for other areas and hopefully now they've actually seen a little not the forming on the ground regime to allow smaller groups like this to access the major problems that we're rolling out across the country back in the fields and it's all hands on deck as volunteers look to get the community hey connected now as you can see here people who've never met few job it before dawn themselves working in some cold field credenza there are a lancashire in the north of england. now to some international news and brief in afghanistan four u.s. soldiers have been killed in a roadside bomb in the southern province of kandahar the soldiers who are serving
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among nato forces in the country were on patrol in the area when the blast ripped through their vehicle this comes just a day after three georgian soldiers were killed in a car bomb in the nearby helmand province. the chinese navy has likes its muscles conducting military exercises near what it calls the nunchuck islands positioned off the west coast of the philippines in the south china sea also known as the promptly islands in the philippines five countries that circle the south china sea have made claims on some of the nearly offensive lines and islands that make up the archipelago. a bug with at least one hundred people on board has come sized over the west coast of myanmar many of those a feared dead the passengers also a minority muslim community will flee ahead of a cycle and that's expected over the next few days the one has called for them to be evacuated from the region as many live in iran tropical towns and vulnerable low lying areas. and coming out on a massive take same of the mainstream media in breaking this ad.
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the illusion of safety trumping you're right seems to be the main political theme of post nine eleven america i noticed pushing the keep you safe in any cost more than new york billionaire mayor michael bloomberg who originally had to defend his stop and frisk strategy after giving a speech to police brass stop and frisk is the practice of just being able to search anyone in new york at any time for any reason with your hands this gestapo style practice has been in place since two thousand and two but thankfully was finally recently found to be unconstitutional by a federal judge you know the fourth amendment all the talk about no unlawful search and seizure seems pretty clear to me why did this take so long to figure out bloomberg despite that silly constitution thing stands firm with this policy declaring if you and st stops looking for guns they will be more guns on the street
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and more people will be killed it's just that simple walter that i would see if you stop nazi style first of random innocent people there will be more freedom on the streets it's just that's. simple but that's just my opinion. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i got so many i mean i have my hand at the town i know that i'm sitting seems really messed up. in the old story so personally apologize if. the worst you are going through the white house or the. radio guy for minestrone. what the clothes were about to give you never seen anything like this i'm telling.
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you guys i'm a big martin and this is breaking the set so let's talk about monsanto now the company behind most of the genetically modified foods that are put in your body the company who owns half the world steve market well sadly it looks like the biotech corporations continuing to tighten its advice on the neck of washington d.c. this morning the supreme court ruled on a patent case where a seventy five year old farmer was sued for mixed soybeans that were not created by monsanto with other g.m.o. seeds because as we know month and no can't rest until they know farmers are only growing crops with their label on it check it out. if they don't want me to go to the elevator and buy that grain then then congress should pass a law saying you can't do it sadly the justices agreed with one santow and if you're infuriated that a massive corporation can.


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